Can I set up a Company in Spain?

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Due to the uncertainty on Brexit, we have experienced an increase of enquiries about registering a UK Ltd in Spain. 

Spain is a highly bureaucratic country and the procedures required to register a Company can become very complicated, so we recommend you to receive legal advice from one of our experts English speaking solicitors in Spanish Corporate law.

The documentation requirement for a UK limited company to register in Spain depends on several circumstances, but basically the following is required:

-Power of Attorney signed by nominated Director

-Board Resolution

-Certificate of Incorporation

-Certificate of Good Standing.

-Certified translations of the company documents.

Our experienced team of English speaking solicitors in Spain will help you draft the Board Resolution, arrange for the Power of Attorney to be completed according to Spanish legal requirements and will help you gather all the required documentation complying with Spanish requirements to ensure their validity in Spain.

Registering your UK company in Spain allows you to:

-Register for VAT in Spain

 -Obtain a European EORI number

– Invest in property in Spain

-Open banking facilities in Spain 

-Purchase shares in a Spanish company

-Employ workers in Spain

-Distance sell to Spain (Amazon sales to Spain)

-Import goods   

Here at H & N Abogados, we have many years of experience assisting UK companies to register in Spain, there is no need for the Directors to visit Spain, we can handle the entire process on your behalf.

Please ask for a no obligation consultation so we can discuss your company’s circumstances.

J. Nieto, solicitor

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