Our fees are governed by the Spanish Bar Associations and by the respective Ethics Codes of Spain, United Kingdom and the EU as we are registered UE lawyers.

The first consultation is free and as soon as we have full knowledge of the matter and have all the necessary information to be able to offer you a quotation according to law, we will inform you of all your legal options, expenses of professional third parties envolved and our closed fees, so that you do not have to worry about any nasty surprise in the future.

Remember that you should never sign a TOB without knowing in advance all the expenses and fees for the services, lawyers must inform their clients in advance about their fees, options and other expenses, this is a legal requirement in both Spanish and British Jurisdictions.

Once you agree with our fees we will send you our Term of Bussiness and our invoice with the instructions to complete the payment, you can either pay by bank transfer or credit card, we can also agree for you to pay by installments if needed.

Please contact if you have any cuestiĆ³n

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