Going to Court in Spain?

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Have you been detained in Spain? Have you received Court summons from a Spanish Court? Do you need a Prosecution lawyer?

Being involved in a criminal case in Spain is very complicated and the language barrier can lead to lack of communication with your lawyer.Miscommunication with your legal representative can havesevere consequences.It could result in a bad defence that could lead to a prison sentence. It is crucial that as soon as you receive Court Summons, are detained in Spain or have suffered a criminal offense, youfind a criminal defence lawyer or a Prosecution lawyer with whom you can communicate in your own language and who has extensive experience with international affairs.

At H & NAbogados, our experts can help you with a range of criminal issues sensitively and with the professionalism you deserve. As we speak both English and Spanish, we can ensure great communication that will help you benefit from our legal experience. Call us for a no obligation quote!

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