Invest in Spain. Buy a bargain property in Spain.

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The serious economic crisis Spain suffered 10 years ago has resulted in a huge supply of homes, repossessed by Banks, that are being sold well below their market value. You can find very good deals on most Real Estate portals.

You should be aware of the issues to consider when purchasing these properties. You could have problems with previous debts on the property, difficulty registering the utilitiesor even to identify the right house. There are many stories of people buying a house, moving in and later discovering that the house they bought on the paper is the house next door.

It is also important to be aware that when you buy a property in Spain under market value, the Treasury can claim the tax payment for the difference between the value paid and the market value (the one you should have paid for the property). By utilising the services of our qualified, expert solicitors, you can ensure you have full knowledge of any issue you can have when it comes to purchasing one of these bargain properties.

Here you can find a few of these bargain properties in Spain that are on the market when writing this article.

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