Our Client Say

Family law

 Excellent service, I can only thank the dedication and professionalism of the HN team of lawyers, after the first telephone consultation we requested an urgent appointment in their London office, they were fully available from the first moment and they took care of everything, they helped us overcome a very difficult moment, it is not easy to find lawyers who are not only professional but assertive, who know how to listen and reassure you in such complicated moments.We will appoint them for any legal issue that arises.


Criminal law

Fantastic service provided by Jesus Nieto and his team of International criminal law experts, not only did they believe in my innocence during the whole process but I was reassured to know the options I had and the consequences of an unfavorable judgement, they had the situation under control. From the first consultation they gave me all the information needed, strategy to follow, options in case of a guilty judgement and even information on how to stop an IAW,  I can only thank team for their dedication and professionalism, I totally recommend them!


Jason D.
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