Criminal Law

We provide full advice in criminal law with the International experience of our dual jurisdiction team of criminal solicitors. 

Being involved in a criminal case in Spain can be a scary and intimidating experience and it is vital that you haveproper representation if you are going to court in Spain.To have the right representation, it is essential that there is open, honest and fluent communication with your solicitors, and you must be informed of the options you have and what to expect in terms of fees, expenses and the legal process.

Misrepresentation can lead to very serious consequences.Whether the charge is a minor or serious offense, your representation must be made from an international point of view. 

We can assist you if you have been detained in Spain and ensure we’re providing you with the best possible legal advice from the first moment of your detention at the Police Station.

If there is a Detention Order against you, don’t worry. Our experts will assist you in our UK offices so you will always be properly represented as we provide a full criminal defence service.

We carry out criminal proceedings, either as prosecution or defence lawyers, taking into account both jurisdictions so that the actions carried out in the Spanish Court proceedings have positive effects from the point of view of the British jurisdiction in terms of paralysing or executing Extradition Orders, stopping or enforcing International Arrest Warrants, to be able to discuss the legality of the Spanish criminal proceeding and we put all the means to achieve the best result.

You need to call a criminal law expert in Spain as soon as possible, get in contact with us and we will provide the best legal advice with no obligation.

Remember to never appoint a lawyer who does not clearly inform you about his fees, this is a legal requirement in both jurisdictions. When working with H & N Abogados, we guarantee a transparent pricing system as well as honest communication throughout the entire process.

Exclusive and unique service of police records cancellation.
Have you been arrested in Spain? Although you have not been convicted and have no criminal record, you have POLICE DETENTION RECORDS!

 If you do not delete them, every time you come to Spain and go through the passport control, register at a hotel, rent a house, buy a car, the police will receive information of where you are, inform EUROPOL and maybe even follow you and find you where you are. To avoid this disturbing situation, you must erase your police records. We are the only law firm providing this service due to our intimate collaboration with the police office. We can also check and erase your Spanish criminal records.

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