Falsely Accused? Defend Yourself!

Our international law firm is a pioneer in the Use of Force science and would adopt the most advanced technologies to prove your innocence through reports from internationally recognized judicial experts, video reconstructions and medical evidence that will dismantle the lies you are accused of- react now and defend yourself!!

We provide a unique service, having experts in the Use of Force with internationally recognized experience capable of analyzing any crime where violence and force have occurred and where blows, wounds, bruises, or any other signs of aggression are evident.

Please keep reading, we really have an answer to your problems, and we can protect and defend you like no other law firm.

We are highly specialized in legal services for the defense of persons falsely accused, especially in the following cases:

* Citizens accused of any type of aggression and physical abuse such as assaults and beatings, domestic violence, rape, sexual assaults, sexual abuses, sexual penetrations, etc.

* Police, military, and private security personnel accused of improper use of force, causing injuries, wounds, bruises, any other signs of aggression.

Legal Defense in the use of Force:

Our team of defenders is composed by specialized lawyers, the best forensic medical experts and a judicial expert certified in the Use of Force by the APEJUC (Associació de Perits Judicials de Catalunya) of Spain. There is no other expert in Spain with such proven experience in the Police and Military Use of Force, appointed to deal with the most noteworthy and mediatic cases at national level. This expert has been hired three times by the FIIAPP (International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies) within the “Democratizing and Reforming the Police” international mission MYPOL and has worked for other International Organizations in many different European and non-European countries, therefore having the qualification and recognition to practice internationally. If you have questions about, please contact us.

How Do We Work?

We provide the judge with the scientific and technological knowledge necessary to dismantle the accusation and prove the innocence of the person accused. First, we expose to the courts the circumstances that created the state of necessity that justifies the use of force as well as the specific means applied and the way in which they were applied. Secondly, we work to unmask false accusations of excessive or improper defensive force or any other use of violence such as domestic violence, physical abuse, rapes etc.



Our specialized services address two large groups.

Security Professionals:

Police Corps, Prison Officials, Customs Surveillance Service, Forest and Environmental Police, Private Security Officers, Military Forces, as well as trade unions and associations of the above mentioned groups.


People who have been victims of robberies, express kidnapping, home intrussion, assaults, etc, that during these events had to use force to defend themselves and in general people that have falsely accused of any kind of violence such as domestic violence, assaults, rapes, etc.

When it comes to gender violence court cases in Spain, against the judge the man is considered guilty until he has proven the opposite! do not waste time and defend yourself, we will prove your innocence.

Other Worldwide Law Firms:

We collaborate with international law firms to help them proving the innocence of their clients – through empirical scientific evidence, expert reports and video reconstructions of events.

Comprehensive Defense Service:

Our firm will assist you from the very beginning, structuring your facts investigation, preparing the statement for you and for your witnesses, discussing with medical experts, psychiatrists and with the use of force team to build the best defensive strategy to prove your innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Expert Report:

Pioneers in this field, we have been the first law firm in Spain to issue an expert report on the Use of Force that has been accepted by a Court. When necessary, we accompany the report with video reconstructions and forensic medical reports that provide clarifying and, in many cases, overwhelming evidence that indisputably reinforces the defense version. Our experts have gained great experience in reporting and video reconstruction in the most important international cases. 

The judges need scientific and professional information explaining why the client had to use force, why he used the specific means used, why he acted the way he did, and what were the consequences of his acts– in such technical information and explanation lies the key of innocence, and the ability and experience of our experts on the use of force can really make a great difference in the final verdict.

The expert report preparation service includes:

1. Initial data collection interviews

2. Interviews during the process to define the report

3. Interviews with the client’s legal office throughout the process

4. Investigation, analysis and study of all the data

5. Written preparation of the expert report. If necessary, reconstruction by images and diagrams.

6. Video reconstruction

7. If required, attendance at the trial for ratification, explanation, or presentation of the report

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