NIE, Spanish residence

The NIE number (tax identification number) is mandatory for any tax payment issue.

We can obtain your N.I.E. number for you without you having to come to Spain. All you need to do is sign the Power of Attorney that we prepare for you.

Our fees for obtaining the N.I.E. number are 150€ + VAT. Discounts apply when more than one NIE number is requested.

The regulations for obtaining residence in Spain for British citizens may be subject to short-term changes, so we suggest that you explain your situation so that we can advise you correctly.

As a measure to encourage investment in Spain, the Government has introduced over the last years a number of measures to issue residence permits, such as residence by investment or by entrepreneurs.

Spanish residency through investment or Golden Visa applies to the purchase of properties in Spain with a minimum value of 500.000€ by non-nationals.

A Residence Visa for Entrepreneurs and Investors for Business Activity in Spain enables a foreigner to reside in Spain for the development of an innovative activity or a business project that is considered and accredited as in the public interest

If you think our NIE and residency services could benefit you, your family or your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

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