Property issues

Our team of property law solicitors can advise you in plain and simple English in a range of property issues.

If you’re dealing with a forced sale, we can help. If you’re going through a divorce or separation and you and your partner have a shared property in Spain, our experts can talk you through your options.As fully qualified solicitors specialising in property law, we are experts in negotiating the best solution for our clients. We always ensure we provide the best possible legal advice and, if an agreement is not reached, we will go to court to demand the forced sale of the property or the refund of the amount paid for the purchase.

If you have paid a deposit on an off-plan property purchase that has not been completed, our litigation lawyers will give you the support and expertise necessary to make sure you they bank returns every penny of your deposit.

We also help you settle purchase disputes with vendors, builders, Estate Agents, landlords or tenants and neighbours.

We have extensive experience working on Commercial property issues too.

No matter your property issues, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote. We can offer consultations to really understand your situation and give you the right advice for your needs.

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