What to do if you have been arrested at the UK airport?

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If you’ve been arrested at a UK airport, the national arrest warrant has become an IAW, so INTERPOL comes into action and, as soon as you identify yourself with any police authority, you will be arrested.

The reasons for the arrest will be read to you and it will be decided if you are released on probation or confined until your extradition is seen hearing. To have the best legal advice, we recommend that you appoint a criminal defence international lawyers who can represent you in the criminal proceeding in Spain and in the extradition hearing in the UK, so that the defence is coordinated in search of the objective of avoiding prison from both jurisdictions.

Many IAW are wrongly issued from the Spanish Court and can be suspended, which is why it is essential that the Spanish criminal case is fully analysed and all the necessary steps are taken to suspend the Order from both Spain and the UK, which requires the collaboration of both criminal solicitors.

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