What to do is you have been arrested in a Spanish airport

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A National detention order is issued against a citizen who is involved in a criminal case in Spain and is not complying with the justice system.

Oftentimes, you will not even be aware of a criminal case against you. This Detention Order can be issued if you are under investigation and the Court requires your statement or you have been already convicted. You will be taken to the appropriate judicial authority in order to immediately practice the diligence required, so it is very important to appoint a defence lawyer immediately to see the options you have and to take action.

You should avoid this situation, especially if you are traveling with family members who may be very distressed by the detention when they see their father or spouse, deprived of liberty for several days without receiving any information.

Once you have been detained, we advise that you contact a criminal lawyer to represent you. If you do not know any, the British Consulate can provide a few or you can contact our law firm and one of our expert defence lawyers will assist you.

If you have been involved in a criminal case in Spain, detained in Spainand had no news for years, we recommend that, beforetraveling to Spain,ask for advice about the existence of an Arrest Warrant and,if there is any, you must appoint a criminal solicitor to represent you.You should also avoid the trip until the Arrest Warrant is revoked. Do not ignore the National Detention Order, as the Court can issue an International Arrest Warrant and you will be subject to an extradition procedure.

Be aware, penalties requested for less than 5 years in prison can be tried without your presence and you could even have a current imprisonment judgement.

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